Official Merchandise

The following is a list of official merchandise currently available from the Lyke Wake Walk

Item Price £
Metal Lyke Wake Walk Crest Shaped Badge £3.00
Woven Lyke Wake Walk Badge (Coffin Shape) £3.00
Woven Shepherd's Round Badge (Circular Shape) £3.00
Woven Hambleton Hobble Badge (Circular Shape) £3.00
Woven White Rose of Yorkshire Badge
(Square Shape)
Woven Cleveland Way Badge (Crest Shape) £3.00
Purple Lyke Wake Walk Ties £10.00
Lyke Wake Walk - the official guide (inc of p&p) £3.50
Hambleton Hobble Leaflet £1.00
Shepherd's Round Leaflet £0.50

To purchase any of the above items, please make all cheques payable P. A. Sherwood, and enclose a stamped addressed envelope -with the correct stamps for the size of envelope. We strongly recommend a padded envelope to prevent any damage occurring.

We will continue to sell the official copyright, trademarked and trade named memorabilia for the Lyke Wake Walk, Lyke Wake Race, Shepherd's Round & Hambleton Hobble for the foreseeable future, i.e as long as they remain financially viable.

All emblems, badges & logos are copyright and some are registered trademarks & tradenames.